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Privacy Policy Statement

Company name

Nakamoto Honten Corp.

Personal information acquired on inquiries
  • -In order to reply the inquiry or provide the required documents to the customers.

<Nakamoto Honten Corp: Personal Information Administer>
President’s Office Deputy Manager Manabu Kawamoto

About disclosing of personal information
  1. Regarding disclosure of the personal information, based on 「JISQ15001:2006」 as well as 「Act on the Protection of Personal Information」, if you would like to disclose the personal information of oneself, ask for indication of the purpose of use, correct, add or delete, erase, use or suspend providing the personal information, demand complaints or inquiries, once we identify oneself or the representative, we will handle it with urgency.
  2. Regarding personal information disclosure or demanding complaint or consultation, we will correspond you with the following 「Customer Service」.

    <Nakamoto Honten Corp: Customer Service (President’s Office)>
    13-15 Higashi Hakushima Cho, Hiroshima City 730-0004, Japan
    phone:+81-82-221-9186  E-Mail: privacy@nakamotohonten.co.jp
    Reception hours: 10:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday
    (Except for holidays and during the New Year periods)

  3. As for the disclosure request, please assign with 「Personal information disclosure request form」. Please contact above Customer Service for this form.
  4. When we receive 「Personal information disclosure request form」, we perform your identity verification.
    • Please come to above Customer Service directly or send by post in order to submit 「Personal information disclosure request form」 together with your personal identification document(either copy of driver license, passport or public document/* If you have permanent address, please delete that part.).
    • If you request by representative, please come to above Customer Service directly or send by post, together with a letter of attorney, certificate of a seal-impression for both you and your representative, and a copy of public document. NOTE: We may not be able to perform identity verification through phone or email request. In that case, we may formally ask you to submit your identity verification documents.
  5. The request can be applied without ‘commissions’; however, if there would be special handling to response your request, there might be formally contact from us to you.
Providing information to the 3rd party

We will not provide personal information to the 3rd party except for following situation.

  • If we have consent from the customer.
  • If we are required to do so by public organization under an applicable law.
  • If disclosure is needed by the relative organization for support of yours’ or others’ life or in order to protect body and property.
In trust to handle personal information

e might delegate handling of personal information to the 3rd party as far as necessary for the achievement of business requested by the customer.

Discretion on providing personal information and the result faced in the event that you refuse to provide the relevant information

You have the right to refuse the disclosure of personal information by your judgement; however, this may impede the process of providing service appropriately.

In case of acquiring personal information by a method which you cannot recognize easily

Except for the case in which we have the consent from the customer in advance, we will not acquire the personal information by a method which the person concerned cannot recognize easily.